Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Biker Babes :) and Stunt Riders

Making the most of the wee last days of Summer and looking forward to a bike-able Fall :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hugging Home

We turn into the driveway and my children release a cheer. Jumping from the carseats they've been adhered to for the few hours it takes to return from our vacation spot, they race toward the house. The girls are eager to get inside to maul our long-missed pets but Oliver goes straight for the garage. I grab some loose items from the van and follow them and I notice my boy has attached himself to the brick beside the garage. I stand for a moment staring and finally ask what he's doing with his leg up and his arms wrapped around the corner of the house. He replies, "I'm hugging home, Mommy."

Nine days of glorious family time left us closer to each other and... longing for home. I didn't quite realize how much :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Peely Eggs and Mud Bikes

He rubs his sleepy eyes and pulls up a stool to the kitchen counter. I ask him what kind of egg he would like this morning and he dozily replies, "Peely egg... no, melty egg, please." I smile and turn to the frying pan to make an egg for my boy that drips just right, not too squishy, not a peely egg, which is hard-boiled. I think about prayer time last night when I stroked his stubbly buzz cut and listened to his words as he began, "Dear Jesus-God-Lord..." I love this boy's terminology for things and I never correct them (although he's quite correct in his prayer address :) I want them to last and last.

A few days ago, my husband took him down to the nursery parking lot and showed him how to ride his two-wheeler, which is a "dirt bike" given by his grandparents. Terry had barely a minute holding onto the back of that seat before that boy took off at high-speed, as though he'd always known how. His face was beaming and he happily declared to me that now he can ride his mud bike :)