Saturday, March 12, 2016

Take Me Back

We found ourselves in the South without our oldest girl. She couldn't miss two weeks of school and was thrilled to stay with cousins and keep her regular routine. We hit the road with "our" three year-old spunky girl instead. Glorious, perfect weather everyday, bird-watching adventures, a great little zoo found unexpectedly by Oliver and me, visiting Hobby Lobby (we don't have those!), bonding as a family and attending a new church--just a bit of the good stuff on this blessed trip.

As we neared the final three hours of our 24 hour drive, my husband called out to his travel-worn family, "Okay, who wants to turn around now and do it all over again?" The kids answered that it was an amazing vacation but they were ready for home now. They'd begun to mentally prepare themselves along the way, imagining routine and things they love about Canada and home. We'd been gone for two weeks. 

But I simply blurted, "Take me back! I'll turn around right this instant!" Can you blame me?  :)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Big Baby

She keeps reminding us that she's nearly an adult, but we don't believe her. We see a toddler when she turns and flashes a cheeky grin. We see a little girl aching to become a ballerina when she twirls into the living room. We see a child who's just trying out her new bicycle when she sits all big in that driver's seat in the truck. Nope, we're not convinced. She's still young and dependent and just dreaming of being grown up. It can't really be happening, can it? She turned 17. But that's just a number. Our big baby still likes being carried and we choose to disagree that this kid, of whom we are so proud, is nearly an adult. 

Happy birthday, Big Baby. We love you :)