Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas In July

The shoe boxes are filled and we drop them off at Sunday School each November. It's difficult for my children, who have never known poverty, to imagine the neediness of the recipients. We read about the children around the world who will be thankful for these boxes and we excitedly pack them with goodies but it's the loving prayers, I tell them, that will be the true blessing in their lives--the boxes are how we demonstrate that love tangibly.
Oxana, from Tightwad in Training, was one such recipient. She uses her story to help us understand how important those boxes are to needy children. Please watch her short video clip and read how she was overwhelmed by God's love because of someone who sent her an Operation Christmas Child shoebox...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Thus Far...

Random photos and thoughts of our busy summer thus far... (A little bit of blogging "catch up")

Hot days call for drastic measures.

Meghan gets a chance at a great kick.

Fully engrossed in sandbox at the field, while his sisters play soccer.

Warm up.

Receiving instructions.

Corner kick... you go, Girl!

Bringing in the beauty from my garden.

Mmm... delicious peonies.

A little of the Word with our Sunday evening fruit platter.

Fresh fruit in abundance... what a blessing!

Happy Canada Day!

Fireworks at the local lakeside park.


Munching chips and candies while watching the light show... what more could kids ask for?

Ooooh, aahh!

Making a splash... Bible Study Group Barbeque

Our kiddos on my husband's pride and joy (the grass, that is!)

Telling a very important story to Daddy

He loves it.
Annual Connon Nurseries Barbeque. Musical entertainment from old highschool friends turned "famous".

Cowboy Grandpa, dressed for the theme of the night.

Just a few of the staff

Piniatas and Bouncy Castles
Bonfire getting started

Grandma enjoys the cuisine

Dancing country-style with Grandpa

Ending the evening with sparklers
Aunt Leanne lights the little sticks of joy

Uncle Mike gets into the fun.

Singing for the parents on the final day of VBS

Meg is a helper this year
Molly looooves the songs this year

Little Voyager on a ship

Oliver takes a turn... still too young for VBS

Majestic creation at African Lion Safari

So amazing to be next to these creatures!

We can learn so much about them at this distance.

Someone wants to hitch a ride.
(Do NOT ask me about how I ran over an ostrich last time we were here.)

My dear, childhood friend--the "other" Heather :)

Heather's daughter and Meghan are also great friends.

Oliver, sliding down into the water again and again at the splash pad in the Lion Safari.

My favourite gentle beasts.

Such interesting details. God has an amazing imagination!

Oliver knocks and the ostrich knocks back with her beak. Too funny!

I never want these days to end where the little things amuse them immensely.

Deeply involved with the final game.

Hup, Holland, Hup!

Just a little patriotic
Opening number for the year-end recital

Meghan gets to be silly and dance outside of her ballet style for this number. She thoroughly enjoys herself.

This graduating dancer stars in her dance. All of her fellow dancers/friends pick her up and hug her goodbye at the end of the dance.
Dancin' Dads... an annual, side-splitting few numbers put on by the dads of the students.
The only time you'll see these men leap like this.

Mama... one of Meghan's biggest fans
Another wonderful couple of fans... Auntie Kathy and Brooke
Special times in our cousins' pool.

Molly and Maddi, giggling as usual.

Horse and Carriage ride through the historic streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake for our 16th anniversary weekend away.Counting blessings early (or late) on this Thursday eve.
  • sand-filled toes
  • great soccer kicks from newly confident players
  • hot weather
  • grandparents who make life enjoyable
  • staff barbeques
  • recitals that make us laugh hard and also shed tears of pride
  • spur of the moment escapades with old friends
  • God's protection of His creation from humans like me... eek!
  • sports games that bring out patriotism
  • garden gifts that keep giving all summer
  • anniversaries that mean more now than ever
  • special times with cousins who are out of school
  • faithful aunties
  • the committed people who run VBS programs
  • precious and worshipful songs my children love from VBS
  • Our Bible Study group... close-knit and finding our purpose
  • Warrior Weekend with dads and sons from our group
  • recent miracles in the area of mental health of loved ones
  • people who trust me to decorate their homes! :)