Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sailing Into The City

It was another year of bidding on the "Sunset Sail" for Jeff and Kim's Ride For The Cure auction and we were excited. Our money went to a good cause (in our sister's name) and we got to sail into Toronto with our friends for the evening--a donation by Captain Fred :) 
 Annie took a whole lot of pictures of Terry and I and I couldn't tell when she would stop!
Loving summer, loving boating, loving friends and praying against cancer's devastating toll on our families tonight.

Friday, August 23, 2013

After All These Years

After all these years, some of our highschool friendships have remained strong. It's so crazy and fun to get together, with all of our kids, and be able to hang out and share old memories but also make new ones.  
Way to go, Darryl, for flying in from B.C. alone with your three small kids (missed Jodie though)! Nathan and Carmen, it's so great knowing you guys are right around the corner and homeschool your five kiddos too :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Plus Eleven

My sister asked me to drive up to where she was cottaging and help her babysit nine kiddos. She wanted to gift her cousin-in-law and her husband with a night away. I brought two of mine and so we hung out with a whole lot of short people for two days. The tiny cottage had three bedrooms just big enough for a small family but we managed to squeeze everyone on beds, couches and the baby in a playpen in the hallway. The lake was so shallow the kids were able to stand even in the middle of the inlet, which made it a great spot for practicing otherwise dangerous sports. We could run out to them in seconds without getting wet :) The couple returned to their five children and were thankful for a night out and some alone time.
What a blast we had!