Monday, August 12, 2013

Boating Gratitude

 1359. clear, shallow. warm inlet of water--our fave
1360. fishing as a family
1361. how Molly dips her rod in for a moment and she gets a fish
1362. how everyone caught one and we were all happy :)
1363/ our yearly boat rental and how being in the middle of a lake makes us feel big and small
1364. stopping for ice cream at the marina near the locks
1365. how the cormorants race the boats in the sky
1366. how we jump off the boat in the middle of the lake for a deep dive swim
1367. how they sing like no one across the lake is listening from their cottages :)
1368. how we watched a mink scuttled across the dock and under the boathouse and how they tried to follow him
1369. how they all can pull apart worms and squish them onto hooks
1370. the way the wake mesmerizes when you stare lazily out the back of the boat


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

oh these pictures make my heart sing with gratitude! Thanks for the peek!

Anna said...

Great summer list!

Camille said...

Fun post my friend! Looks like a great day full of memories made. What a blessing! Love to you! Camille