Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loving Our Town Update...

Just a quick update...
I mentioned in this post that we were praying for the husband of a woman who works in our town. I had never met her before but she poured out her heart to me concerning how upset she was about his kidney stones and how he didn't want to see a doctor, much less, have surgery, which is what was required this week to remove them. She said she was working hard at releasing positive energy and not being nervous. I told her I'd pray for him.
Today, I ran into that store to inquire of his operation and to let her know I'd been thinking of both of them and praying that all would go well. She said, "Thank you so much! You wouldn't believe it! When they went in microscopically, the stones were gone!"
"Praise God!" I exclaimed, "He answers prayer!"
She said she couldn't believe I had come back in just to find out about her husband. I just told her prayer works. We exchanged names and will continue to connect as I shop there. Please pray she would become open to hearing the gospel because of the miracle God performed for her husband.
Thought you might like to know that prayer really does change a town.

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