Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back In The Swing Of Spring

The trail had been calling to us but it wasn't until this week that we packed up our nature journals to record the beauty God would show us. Still a little nippy, we slipped into jackets, unsure if we'd need gloves. One hour of racing up and down hills, stopping only to shout back to me that they'd spotted a song sparrow or vulture, and we were hooked once again. We're back in the swing of Spring, even if the temperature doesn't always cooperate.


Julia said...

I love your photos Heather! We are into autumn now and the clocks have gone back to Standard Daylight Hours so it was dark by 7 pm. I am jealous you are coming into spring..that's my favourite time of the year!

Julia said...

oh...and you have one very flexible daughter there!! Wow!

jeana said...

Judy lovely. We're ready to go on our favorite nature picnic and hike. These pictures made me even more ready!