Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baby Of The Family

Girlie-May is what her Daddy adoringly calls her. After those rambunctious twin boys, he's melting more than ever. My sister, Holly, gathers wet clothes, cuts cucumber slices and rocks a whimpering Clara after a tumble. She has this routine down to a science with her little ones and it's inspiring to watch. But this tiny person God gifted to our family... this soft and smiley baby is the one my kiddos are all chattering about as we drive to their home almost an hour away. They stake their claim on who gets to hold her first. They take photos with their iPods and post videos of just them and Clara. She's a small package tied with a pink ribbon after five years without more cousins on my side of the family. She's welcomed with enthusiastic love.


Julia said...

aww...how precious, Heather! {{hugs}}

Anna said...


Camille said...

FUN times! Precious post. Happy Summer! XO