Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer, Thus Far

iPhone (mostly) Photo Dump...
family reunion on my dad's side
 walks in the woods
 picnics with friends and cousins
picnic gang
bonfires with friends
adoptive and birth mommas who are dear to my heart
hanging out with horses
lessons for this horse lover
go-karting--a surprise from my husband--he called up the fam to join us!
I love this guy.
laser tag! also a surprise
VBS volunteers and friends (crazy kids-especially that one in the middle :)
church buddies
sisters and faithful volunteers
more church buddies
church buddies
Jacob came home from 8 weeks of tree planting. We missed him.
his tree planting shirt
hiking with friends
Valerie and Steve's beautiful wedding in our greenhouse
sitting at the table with these awesome family members
two visits from my dear childhood friend in one summer! (she lives in NY)
finding massive veggies in our garden
picking blueberries with our besties
hanging out of the back of Auntie Annie's truck
beach volleyball after evening service
taking Linda to laser radiation--many miracles in her life but she still needs a big healing!
special cousins
loving every minute of hot days
two nephews graduation
teaching dance at a birthday party for a family in our church
cousin birthday parties

Uncle Kevin's hot tub
ice cream with Mama and Papa
Stratford Festival with our Shakespeare/Swimming friends
cheering for our team--Hup, Holland, Hup!
worship around the piano
loving her pony
always crafting


Camille said...

Wonderful *photo dump* my friend! Love it all. I cannot believe how BIG Oliver is getting! (He's the littlest, so it's most evident with him.) Hugs to you! Camille

Anna said...

Wow, how'd you fit all that in one summer?!! Fun, Fun!! Nice cucumber! I wish ours were that big. I love how you do so many things with your family.