Saturday, November 1, 2014

Doing Autumn

Before the snow flies, we take a few trips to the apple farm. It's not too far from our place so driving over on a whim is easy. We pick our own apples and a pumpkin, and maybe, just maybe, a caramel apple or pumpkin cookie. I stroll slowly past the eclectic assortment of jams and jellies in the shop, slide my hand across the freezer of uncooked pies. I settle on cheddar and jalapeno scones to add to the squash soup I've already made at home. My children race the wagons, climb on the rocks and swat the bees that buzz around the apple taste-testers. Then, as we pile back into the truck, we feel a little more like we've done autumn. 
1674. for wagons and how they never outgrow them
1675. apples, a blessed variety!
1676. finding Uncle Warren working in the poly-houses and sharing our apples with him
1677. big "brothers" who pull really fast!
1678. little arms trying so hard to do what the big people do
1679. how these little things like finding the perfect pumpkin are still important to her :)
1680. the way he knows that getting her to help will make her happy
1681. enjoying another little one coming on all our adventures
1682. how she's grown so much we can laugh our hearts out at the same things till we cry
1683. the way he cares for her even without prompting
1684. his belly laugh that explodes from the simple joy of climbing on pumpkins :)
1685. how this "big" adores this "little"
"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease." Genesis 8:22


Anna said...

Your family is so loving and caring! Precious!!

Camille said...

Beautiful photos my friend. And Oliver....he is SO. Grown. Up!!! XO

Camille said...

Just letting you know I am missing you...but, I know your reasons are good ones. Merry Christmas to you all! XOXO