Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mercy At Bedtime

She snuggles her little afro into my neck and squeezes those chubby legs around my hips. Tucking her arms under her belly as she leans into me, signifies that this small bundle of energy has finally run out of whatever it is that fuels her to move without ceasing for most of the day. The warmth of her in fleece sleepers and the scent of baby oil on her skin calm me like nothing else does. I lay her limp figure in the tiny, white, toddler bed and with eyes still closed, she gropes for my hand and whispers, "Pray". The prayer spills easily from me and tears even come. It's been a long day full of  disciplining the limbs-flailing tantrums and cleaning up potty messes. I ask for mercy and patience for me and an obedient heart for her. She opens her eyes for a moment and whispers again, "I love you, Mommy" and pulls on my neck for a hug.
You know those snippets in time? The ones where all the difficult is swallowed up with sweetness that only comes from the mercy of God? I'd experienced many with my own children and now, I was grateful once again that all my efforts, productive or not, are redeemed by His grace.

Six months have passed since we've shared Ashanti with her momma. There is still no word from Immigration in order for Valerie to rest easy that she will remain in Canada. And so, we continue to be a loving, extended family to both.   
above three photos taken by my sister: 
following photos from my phone...
she thought it was hysterical that Barbie can sit on the edge of the bathtub :)
snuggle with Mrs. Vos, who is teaching me afro hair techniques
Crying after I told her no more cookies. I played music to distract her and she fell asleep with tears streaming down. However, she danced as she faded off. Nothing can stop the groove of this girl :)
Ashanti, you are our entertainment. You keep us on our toes. You show us what love is all about. xo

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Camille said...

What a cutie pie! You are a blessing my friend. XO