Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saying Goodbye at the Edge of the World

We collected smooth, flat rocks from the beach at the edge of the world--or, at least, the edge of our country. We collected them because we brought crayons to write messages about Aunt Linda in memory of her. I received the phone call that morning that my sister-in-law had finally been taken home by God and I had no way of packing up camp quickly and driving three hours to comfort my husband and family right at that moment. Since three of my kids were with me, we decided to make a memorial right there at the tip of Canada by throwing the stones in the Lake and praying for comfort and peace for all of us who loved Linda. We knew she was made whole and healthy and full of inexpressible joy the second she entered heaven, but we were sad for those of us who were left behind to go on without her. 

We did pack up and leave a day early to be with our family but, the two days at Point Pelee on Lake Erie were memorable. We camped with my mom and step-dad, roasted marshmallows, desperately searched for any birds who were stragglers from the many flocks who'd recently migrated all over Canada after landing in that very spot only a couple weeks before. We'd postponed the trip twice and so we knew we were a little late. Nature wonders to behold everywhere anyway.

1809. opportunity to travel
1810. how he still holds my hand as we walk
1811. how she trained my sisters and I to take our cameras wherever we go
1812. spotting this black-headed tern--new for me!
1813. turtles, turtles everywhere at the marsh--love them!
1814. this creepy little bird which I admire and dislike at the same time (barn swallow)
1815. for swamp sparrows
1816. the way that butterfly net amused him for hours
1817. how he'll jump into a selfie without a complaint
1818. how she must walk Mama and Papa's dog every time she sees her
1819. sleeping in the back of the truck with Molly for two nights--painful but adventurous!
1820. narrowly escaping the wrath of the red-wing blackbird (he attacked and slammed his body into my head three times before I knew what had hit me! defending his territory)
1821. loving the s'mores, avoiding the smoke
1822. how they can't wait till this time of the evening
1823. reminiscing about this one at a year and a half with sticky "washmellows" all over her
1824. how she always cooks the perfect toasty brown one for the adults before she makes her own
1825. finding a skink
1826. stretching without complaining on the very long walk
1827. how God has healed her! three years ago she had her accident and, although, still in pain, she walked all day with us on the trails
1828. how that magnifying glass opened his eyes to new things
1829. fascinated by everything
1830. how she pointed out countless things to me, then... dropped
1831. the way coming late to Pelee has its benefits... solitude... no crowds
1832. the song of the Common Yellowthroat (look it up and listen, if you get the chance)
1833. how resting still results in exploring
1834. the marsh boardwalk and how it seemed to go on forever
1835. how happy he was that he could put three new stickers in his bird book
1836. being 42 years old at the 42nd parallel :)
1837. knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will see my sister-in-law again
1838. tossing in our rocks and saying our earthly goodbyes at the edge of our little piece of the world

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Camille said...

What a sweet post. What a lovely idea to remember your sister-in-love and the children's auntie while you were away. Hugs to you! Camille XO