Thursday, June 30, 2016

Goodbye Grade Eight

Music composition flows from her like water as her tiny nailpolished fingers strum her guitar. We catch on to the songs if we listen very closely. She doesn't like to perform, which disappoints all of us who ache to hear the last one she wrote, and maybe even the one before that? But no, we must remember the little diddies from rare moments of her singing aloud in our presence. When that happens, we're all walking around humming the cute or profound tunes Molly writes. 

This talent from her Creator was the focus of my speech at the two-family graduation dinner. Molly begged to not have to walk across a stage in front of a crowd like her big sister did. So, we arranged for our girl and her friend, Elizabeth, also a homeschooled grade eight grad, to have some pampering and dress shopping and then a small ceremony with grandparents. My mom and I gave short speeches and so did Elizabeth's mom and then we presented elementary school certificates. I touched on some of my girl's accomplishments and leadership roles, her talents and loves. But, it was that song writing that I was feeling most drawn to as I was composing my speech. My guess (and prayer) is that the Lord will use this one in a big way. 
We love you, Molly! We pray you will always listen for the Lord's voice in all you do and follow Him with all your heart. Congratulations and have fun homeschooling in grade nine! Ha! See you soon  ;)

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