Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday was Earth Day. What does that mean to you? To our little family, it means loving our earth and caring for it. We picked up neighbourhood garbage (my kids' idea). We observed God's amazing creation which begins to tease us in the Spring. We went for a nature walk and looked long and hard at different kinds of buds, peeking out of their winter cocoons just enough for us to believe they're actually going to be leaves one day. We noticed the first crocus and daffodils. Much to our delight, our scruffy little robin, who has graced our yard with a nest for about seven years, has returned. We marveled at how she had built her nest so strong and thick and had added some plastic twine she found. We talked about how she only has a beak to design and construct her home. What a miracle of God.
As for caring for our earth, we're learning all about recycling and composting. I, personally have a long way to go in this department. But, my kids are teaching me how to be a good steward of our Father's world. Another example of how the tables can turn in education.
Happy Spring!

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