Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never Pass A Lemonade Stand

Someone once said, "Never pass a lemonade stand". I've searched and cannot find the author of this quote but
I love it.
My children begged me to allow them to sell lemonade at the end of the driveway and although they had done it a couple of years ago, I wasn't really in the mood to manage the whole thing. Somehow it happened anyway (ever have those times?) and the purity and sweetness of their activity blew me away. Being just that much older made them independent little entrepreneurs, and as it turned out, I hardly lifted a finger.
When they began to attract several passers-by, I thought it might be a good idea to have a worthy cause for the money, rather than filling their pockets. They agreed, and since we had just viewed photos online of the devastating damage that a tornado had left in a nearby city, we decided to help a family rebuild.
Of course, with $36.63 in the end, it wasn't much of a rebuilding fund, but in this family, we believe in
God's multiplication abilities :)


Gabe said...

How wonderful that they took care of all the details themselves!!!

I like God's math too!

M.Christine Duncan said...

A modern day loaves and fishes... we all need the faith of a child that says God can use our "lemonade offerings" to touch the rest of his children! Beautiful post Heather.

jeana said...

And He will mulitply! I love that they did this. It teaches so much! (My husband may be where that quote comes from haha ;)) We always stop. Your kids did a fabulous job!

Anna said...

I wish that I could have stopped by for some yummy lemonade! Great cause, too which God will use manifold!

Camille said...

Great photos! Fun times! What a blessing that they were able to raise money for the tornado victims. I think I have the very same pitcher...sure looks like mine. :)

Love to you!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I try to never pass a lemonade stand without buying something. I did once this summer and I felt HORRIBLE! So glad your kids met with success!

Anonymous said...

Wow! They sold a lot of lemonade! Love the pics to go with the wonderful memories!