Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Old Snowman

They built him in a hurry because they knew we were going to have another warm snap. It's been the oddest winter here, just dustings of snow with only one medium-sized dumping. Jacky, our snowman friend, named by Oliver, lived for just a day and then he melted away. And so we wait for more of that white, fluffy goodness. I just know it's coming.


Sarah Guevarra said...

Same thing with us!
When we left for school Monday morning last week, our snowman was jolly and very much there...but when we came home around 5:30, little Joey thought he "ran away!"

Camille said...

We don't often get to have snowmen in our yard. Today it is downright *Balmy*!! Enjoy this *odd* winter my friend. For us here in BC, it's been *normal*.

Love to you!

Camille said...

Missing you......

Trust all is well?


jeana said...

Miss you! Hope you are all doing well!