Sunday, March 4, 2012

He Was There

Cognisant of the fact that we are beyond blessed, we soaked up the sun and each other on our sand-between-the-toes vacation. Finding the Creator of the Universe in every experience and in every moment, we knew that no matter where we were on earth, He was there. A car accident and a drive home through that terrible tornado-filled day, we were protected and surrounded by peace. Yes, He was truly there and we praise Him for His boundless love.

1111. protection in an accident
1112. protection through the storms
1113. family bonding
1114. our favourite warm places
1115. drippy ice cream faces
1116. how thankfulness eased all the tension
1117. how kind the police officer was
1118. how our van was fixed right.on.time.
1119. emailing blogger friend, Nicole and "waving" as we drove through Kentucky
1120. prayers from friends and family at home
1121. a husband who takes care of the details and paperwork
1122. getting tickets for Allume Social!! Thanks, Anna!
1123. loving encouraging new mommas
1124. finding starfish and sand dollars in the early morning on the beach
1125. swimming close to dolphins every day!
1126. stingray stealth
1127. happy newly engaged couple
1128. how this book continues to change marriages all around here


Camille said...

You couldn't get two more opposite posts (picture-wise) back to back, now, could you? :)

I half suspected that this was where you were Heather! What a blessing!!! Such a gorgeous place! I'm so happy for you.

I am so sorry about the car accident!! Were any of you hurt? Was it in your vehicle or a rental?

Much Love,

Nizar & Ema said...

You all look adorable,the kids are so sweet starting from the Ballerina to new high light girl Molly (I liked her hair)- she was teaching me how she did it LOL to the proud Emily who was taking care of her brother at choir yesterday and finally the smallest prince Oliver :)

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

So glad you all had some family time in the sun! What fun!!

I'm in Indiana...I wonder if you drove through my state. :) :)

jeana said...

Heather! man, I've missed you! So glad to hear you guys are safe and had a blessed time. Your family is just precious! A tad jealous of the swimming near dolphins thing ;) and that book...I love it and read it every year, just wonderful!

Heather said...

Rebecca, we did not drive through Indiana but I've visited there and love it!

Jeana, thank you, friend! Dolphins are one of my favourite treasures to see in Florida.

Emma, you are always so encouraging. I love you!

Camille, the accident was in our own van. We were burned by the airbags and I have some headaches and neck pain (nothing to complain about) but everyone else is completely fine. Praise God! We were able to have our van fixed enough to drive home safely. Then we hit the tornado weather! Still waiting to hear from Nicole from Pure Perseverance blog, as she was taking cover in her basement in Georgia when we drove through. Such devastation across the U.S.!
We learned after we had driven through the storm that tornadoes had touched down in many places we had just stopped. People were praying for us--God is good!

Anna said...

Great list! Thank God for His protection. I love Oliver's ice cream face!

See Jamie blog said...

Looks like a lovely vacation, and glad you came safely through the storms!

glorygirl said...

Popping over from Ann's blog to say hello. Wow! No matter where we are or what we are doing, He is capable to blessing us through it all! Your blog post is so encouraging. And makes me want to take a beach vacation ;) Very thankful your family is safe and sound!!!

~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual! :) Glad you're all back safe and sound.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh your pictures just make me sigh big and praise our amazing creator. So thankful that you and your family are safe.

Brooke said...

You have some cute kids!