Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeding Birds And Souls

They run on ahead because they know this place. I breathe deeply because I'm home in the outdoors, especially the woods. Little occurrences make my heart leap, like the sound crackling under a heap of leaves that causes us to guess what's there. I love how the treetops rub against one another in the breeze and make a squeaking noise. I love how my children notice that the squirrels here have bushier tails than the ones in our yard. I love how my husband strolls with his coffee, lifting his phone camera now and then to capture his offspring enjoying creation. I love how those tiniest of creatures alight on our hands and peck at the seeds we've brought just for them.
 As parents, we point out these simple pleasures as being gifts from our Creator. My children then begin to see God's goodness, which is sometimes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of life. And as we hold out our hands to give sustinence to our small, winged friends our souls are also fed in this place

1129. animals crackling through the woods
1130. family love of this place
1131. the sound of running shoes hitting the dirt path
1132. my girl becoming a teenager
1133. girls parties, complete with a sleepover and reptile show
1134. how they graciously allowed siblings to join the party
1135. my wonderful esthetician friend, Rebecca, and her kindness to the girls
1136. how our bunny flipped in her hutch on day one of being back outside
1137. balmy weather in March
1138. new teacups from my mom--passed to me in a bag at church :)
1139. two days away with a teacher friend on her March Break
1140. crocuses and daffodils and tulips beginning to burst through the warming ground
1141. friends with counter-cultural ideas that inspire others


~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Love all the pictures....I recognize that shirt, Meghan! :) Great list.

Meghan said...

I agree, fantastic list. love it all.

Anna said...

Awesome list! Girl becoming a teenager...agh!! I remember when she was born! How'd you get that black fuzzy frame around your photos? LOVE it! I love the chipmunk picture!

Camille said...

Beautiful list my friend. Gorgeous photos! God is Good.


Heather said...

Anna, the black vignette is free from Picassa! First time I tried it.

Chelle said...

Everything about your post is lovely. You have a wonderful family that you can even take on bird feeding and all. :)