Friday, March 30, 2012

Coming To Life, I Think

We're a little confused in this great land of Canada because our weather seems to be playing tricks on us. One day we're bundled in mittens and the next, we're coming alive again with the blossoms. As I add these photos and type, the snow flurries have made their appearance once again.
 March, I do believe, you're going to go out like a lion.
We've been spoiled with a few warm days but as my husband has been encountering far-too-eager customers at the nursery, searching for their spring flowers, I think we'll be content with a cold spell for awhile :)


Kathy S. said...

Same here in WI. I am looking outside at popping perennials and (NOOO) the lawn is greening up which means two additional months to mowing if it keeps growing. (can you tell I have a large lawn? haha)
Love your photos as always. Such a beautiful family. :)

Camille said...

Great photos of your beautiful family Heather! Precious, precious days...enjoy each one to the fullest!!

Much Love,

Anna said...

Great pictures! I love Emily swinging so freely! We'll enjoy the warm weather while it's here!