Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rush For The Gold!

They listened intently as the prospector explained how they would prepare to enter the Chilkoot Pass. It was a dangerous journey and they must pack their much needed supplies and be ready for the challenges ahead. The prospector would lead them, to be sure, but the risk was their own. Many a gold-digger had passed through these parts but if they kept their wits about them, rationed their supplies for the winter, didn't become too greedy, and brave the year ahead, they'd perhaps find some gold and maybe even strike it rich! 
staking their claim
panning for gold 
but, finding worms was just as fun 
 finding the "mother lode"!
 "We're rich!"
taking it to the bank
a good weight (but is it fool's gold?)
somehow a few had more treasure than others

All in all, the journey was successful and there wasn't too much "jumping claims".

1142. a sister who is beyond amazingly creative
1143. how she dressed up and put on an accent just to make it come alive (the result: quiet, mesmerized children)
1144. how she prepared everything we needed and went above the call of duty
1145. how cousins enjoy each other no matter what the activity
1146. how she spray painted rocks and dry wall to create gold and fool's gold
1147. mild March weather--perfect for panning in a ditch :)
1148. understanding history through play
1149. learning how to store up our "treasures in heaven"
1150. how big kids help little kids instead of grabbing all for themselves
1151. enjoying history as a mom (learning it for the second time around, and actually paying attention)
1152. stepping back from preparation this time
1153. excitement for our next excursion
1154. how she emailed later with future ideas (I can't keep up! You go, Hilary!)
1155. writing class and seeing what it can produce
1156. Selah concert with Jacob Moon opening! So fabulous! (thanks, Anna!)
1157. Chris Tomlin concert with friends
1158. how she was moved to turn from her sin after watching the Passion of the Christ
1159. how she teaches me about dealing with anger too
1160. mercies each morning that allow me to be a better momma--at least for that hour (and new mercies for the next)
1161. Geography Songs CD (so annoying and yet so wonderful)
1162. Science Songs CD (also annoying but teaching me things I've somehow missed along the way!)
1163. how homeschooling opens your eyes to a world of knowledge in every area


jeana said...

wow you guys always do the most wonderful learning activities! i love learning again right along with the kids...and i'm actually paying attention as this time well! ;)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Your last one, 1163 summed it all up. Reading your list, as always helps me to see the many blessings in my own life. I'm so grateful that we are made in His image and able to reflect a bit of his creativity in our own lives.

Camille said...

How fun Heather! What a great learning opportunity! I'm so glad that nothing terrible happened to your crew (like it did in the past). ;-)

I did just want to tell you how much your friendship has meant to me and how precious it has been to know that you have been praying. Thank you SO very much!!

May the LORD bless you this weekend as you celebrate HIM! HE is Risen!!

Much Love,
Isaiah 26:3-4