Sunday, April 8, 2012

Woodsy-Woodsy Forest

My children  call it the woodsy-woodsy forest but sometimes it's the foresty-foresty woods. I'm never quite sure which wooded area constitutes which name but somehow, they all know.
I called my sister the other day and asked if we could swing by for a visit. She said they'd love to have us but please, bring clothes that can be ripped and dirtied. Sliding down the embankment in her backyard was the adventure of the day and if we desired to join in the fun, we needed to be prepared.
So, after several "dirt-runs", throwing sticks in the river, climbing the tree house, from which Oliver shoved his cousin down an eight foot ladder, it was time to go home. Having a sister and brother-in-law who are unphased by small crises makes apologizing for your son's behaviour so much easier, and... keeps the memories prior to the push, a whole lot sweeter. Self-control seems to be the fruit of the Spirit we'll be addressing this week. Thank you, Holly, for a great time in your woodsy-woodsy forest, and for your mercy :)


jeana said...

Always a lesson to be learned! ;) Fun pictures!

Camille said...

Awww...sweet post my friend! Love all the photos of the adventures! What FUN! Who needs toys when there is a hill of dirt to play in??!! LOL! Oh the joys of childhood. And oh the joys of Moms who *get it*! :)

Love to you!