Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Springing Here

Creation is springing into action here and so are my kids. Upon noticing several butterflies twirling around her head, Molly exclaimed that there were thousands of them. She was right! They covered trees and fluttered all around us. She then made it her mission to capture at least one. Molly kept at it for a very long time--unsuccessful and yet, quite satisfied in the joy of the attempt.

And then, of course, in true homeschool style, this momma printed off a butterfly lapbook since I had discovered a passion in my daughter.
 And with much gratitude, my heart is springing too.


1164. butterfly/moth love
1165. strengthening the left side of the brain activities for Molly (thanks, Diane!)
1166. how she showed me all the sensory-gym equipment, with excitement, after her first class
1167. for Papa's birthday and all he does for his grandchildren
1168. an abundance of homeschool communities we can be involved in
1169. God's grace in returning my husband's parents home safely from their trip
1170. Dad's joy in describing the resurrection and how all the campers celebrated on the beach
1171. Claire's huge, open-mouthed, silent laugh and how she beams from her wheelchair as we begin to sing at Friendship Club
1172. how my sister-in-law organizes all the meal-planning for Linda while she's in her last round of chemo
1173. the way my husband calls me to share how a meeting with another nursery transpired, and his enthusiasm
1174. the creation of kids' books and how they're finishing up their illustrations for writing class
1175. how Oliver thinks some birds must live in the holes in the ground because he sees them disappear there (?)
1176. Camille's gratitude in the midst of her pain and suffering
1177. for each day her son is alive
1178. the way our coffee break table of women shares and supports one another
1179. how my lovely friend teaches me about using "impeccable words", without a hint of gossip
1180. beet soup and how Rebecca and Guy share some with me :)
1181. how Christians are still celebrating the Resurrection as it continues to be a part of several recent discussions
1182. learning how to surrender--not fully understanding--but He's revealing


Camille said...

Precious friend...I have not been visiting too many blogs lately, and I just hopped over to see your spring-time photos only to discover that you put me on you list! How sweet you are...I am thankful for your friendship over the years (did you know that it's been years now?)...crazy how time flies! Maybe one day the LORD will allow us to meet in person (this side of Heaven), but if not here...for sure there! :)

Love to you!
Camille xo

Taylor Wise said...

I love your gratitude list. So sweet and real and honest.

Nizar & Ema said...

I like the gratitude list too - so touchy and it comes from a pure heart

God bless you all


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

oh, your list just warmed my heart. I never cease to be encouraged by reading them.

Mulling over 'impeccable words' and grateful for how just those two words encourages me...

Kelly said...


I read this today ... early and warm spring brings fluttery blessings our way!


sgm said...

yes our lives are lived beside one another! How thankful I am for you. The photo of the water droplet is...um...unbelievable! I stare in awe my friend!
love you

Laura in Montana said...


I found you on Ann's website. I love finding other women with similar interests; love of Jesus, family, and homeschooling for starters.

I love your reference to learning to use "impeccable words". I've spent time meditating on the words I use with the same emphasis on "impeccable".

I enjoy your blog. You've been at this blogging thing longer than me; I'm still trying to find a voice for my blog. You seem to have found yours.

Your post on the love of science was great. Reminded me of the science fairs we would do when we were members of our co-op. You clearly love what you do.

I'll stop by again.