Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Dramatical Society

The lion roared and leapt toward the audience, the munchkins somersaulted and the narrators kept us abreast of the play. My children swept on and off the stage, projecting their voices, dramatizing their characters well from the classic book by Frank Baum. It was another year of homeschool theatre complete and we were all a little tired, as well as, elated at their performance.Meg: Cowardly Lion, Cyclone
Molly: Rainbow Chorus Narrator
Emily: Auntie Em, Munchkin, Wicked Witch of the West
Oliver: Munchkin, Flying MonkeyThe Rainbow Chorus introduces the play.The Tin Man is found among the apple trees.The king of the forest enters the scene.The flying monkeys take their orders.
In the land of Oz.They capture Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion.
Dorothy throws the bucket of water upon her enemy.Emily practiced melting many, many times. Brother thinks it's the best :)
Dorothy misses her ride home.Back in Kansas, Auntie Em awaits Dorothy's arrival.The whole cast.Director, Producer, and Coreographer (and homeschool moms--love these ladies :)

Meghan won the "Leadership" award, Molly won the "Team Player" award, Emily won the "Outstanding Performance" award, and Oliver won the "Most Improved" award.

Phew! Mommy won the "Taxi and Background Helper" award--self-gifted, lol.

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