Monday, June 4, 2012

Your Perspective Is Everything

They had been noticing how the hawk always sat perched upon the cross of our church steeple, and so my pastor and his wife watched thoughtfully one day. The idea came to Patricia that our perspective is always clearer from the cross and she mentioned the profoundness of it to her husband. A sermon was born in that moment.
Since Pastor Mills was unable to get a photo of the bird, he had his assistant find one on the Internet for him and he placed it on the large screen one Sunday for all of us to see. He quoted his wife and preached how different life looks when we view it through what Jesus did for us on the cross. It was powerful.
I was determined to see that bird in order to etch the idea in my mind for good.

One evening, a couple weeks later, I rounded the corner to the church to take my children to their rehearsal. One of them pointed and exclaimed, "Mommy, look, the hawk is on the cross right now!"

I was quite excited since I had my camera in the van with me. I pulled my vehicle in a good location and opened my door. Climbing onto the edge of the running board, I held my camera up and took a shot. Just as I did, a second hawk landed beside the first. My children cheered and I began to picture the collage of photos. What a beautiful scene the Lord had set for me to photograph. The sky was illuminated with sunset's glow, edging the clouds and now a second bird?The kids ran into the church and I left during their practice. When I returned, the second hawk had disappeared and I travelled around the church, shooting different angles. I so desired to capture that lone hawk in flight! I held my camera up for quite some time and it wouldn't move. I silently prayed, Lord, this is Your bird. Please call to it and make it fly. I felt a little silly asking such a request but why not? Immediately, the hawk fluffed up it's wings and flew away. I praised God! How fun :)

I was able to create a framed collage for Pastor Mills and Patricia to show them how inspired I was by the truth of these words. And as I read Ann Voskamp's post for today, I am reminded once again that joy is always possible because, "Joy is the fruit of gratitude. And gratitude is rooted in perspective."


1216. moments in creation that take my breath away
1217. the joy of being able to capture this gift to give it away
1218. that it truly is possible to have joy, no matter what my circumstance is, if I only have gratitude
1219. that there truly is always something to be grateful for
1220. although it's been a couple of weeks of entitlement and spoiled children, they just might be catching onto the gratitude thing
1221. how they're all reading incessantly
1222. how she feels her ILS class is making her so much smarter
1223. how my non-reader now wants the fattest of books just so she can say she's read them :)
1224. how I'm running out of spare change for hot chocolate dates with my readers who've completed their books
1225. the way she sweeps onto the stage in the Wizard of Oz play and blows us away with her confidence
1226. the way my other girl memorized her lines immediately
1227. the way she uses her dancing skills on the stage as the Cowardly Lion
1228. the way he keeps asking me, "We're just doing this for fun, right, Mommy?"
1229. how I said I didn't want to join this play this year and how God just brings details together so that we remain connected to people I believe He wants to our lives
1230. more items wrapping up for the school year
1231. how my sister-in-law had a tumor removed this week from her brain and continues to joke about getting her hair shampoo'd
1232. how her spirit is beginning to enliven again
1233. the success of the surgery
1234. how family rallies around when they're most needed
1235. the forgiveness and grace of a friend I messed up with (the tongue is unruly, I tell you!)
1236. the way he loves his new model airplane (that would be my BIG boy)


Camille said...

What a lovely post Heather. Yes, indeed...we do have a different perspective when we view it through the eternal things! How gracious our Great God is!

We prayed for your sister. We will pray that the recovery will be complete and that the LORD would continue to do HIS Mighty work! What a blessing that she has this perspective.

LOL...#1236! Howie has one too. They would have fun together I am sure...even though they cheer for rival teams. Who is he cheering for now that a Canadian team is not in the Finals? I'm cheering for the team that put ours out...they are the *underdogs* after all. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Julia said...

Wow...isn't the Lord AMAZING! I got all God-bumpy reading your post, Heather! LOVE true...I totally agree with you! \0/

I need to start a gratitude list :0)

Diane Bailey said...

Coming from Ann's blog. Love the bird pictues and thought that our perspective is always better from the cross.

jeana said...

This is such a beautiful perspective. The moments He gave you were simply beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by and your comments on my house. We are enjoying it so much, can't wait to share more!