Monday, July 2, 2012

Bird Nerd

A self-proclaimed "Bird Nerd", I'm learning so much about these tiny creatures of the fifth day. I've always photographed them as a thing of beauty, but now my children and I have decorated our sycamore tree as a haven for all sorts of them and are learning their songs and features. What a pleasure and a talent to listen beyond the hustle and bustle, beyond the noise of vehicles passing, beyond the boom and hiss of nearby construction and notice the lovely melody of a common sparrow or the squaky call of a bluejay. A whole other important community is taking place in the treetops and I want my children to stop and recognize that if they tune their ears to these sometimes hidden sounds, it's just like being still and listening for God's voice. He calls to them in a still, small one and they have an opportunity to respond to that whisper.


jeana said...

Gorgeous photos! I love how the ducks seem to be chatting ha. We love watching birds around here too.

Camille said...

Aren't God's little creatures just so amazing?? How wonderful that you have access to soooo many varieties!! So beautiful!