Monday, July 23, 2012

Till We Meet In Heaven One Day

Periwinkle trumpets gently beckon me to gaze heavenward, as they do at this time each year. In recent years, I've been surprised by them as the thoughts of our baby have become less frequent. We planted these Rose Of Sharon bushes in memory of the little one we miscarried at 16.5 weeks and they've reached toward their Maker ever since.

We know we will see our child again one day because he/she was designed by God and "knit together" by Him (Psalm 139:13). He knew the number of our baby's days and although our dreams were for his/her future here on earth, our tiny one really does belong to the Lord. What a hope we have that because we are His too, we'll be reunited again. That hope has taken the sting out of the pain.
1237. hope that comforts all longing
1238. safe traveling on our vacation
1239. the beauty of the rain forest
1240. brilliant blue morpho butterflies
1241. scarlet macaws and how they mate for life
1242. reuniting with our children
1243. tubing down crashing rapids
1244. connecting with our Costa Rican staff in a personal way
1245. desperately needed downpours yesterday--praise God!
1246. Mom is home and recovering well
1247. prayers that never ceased from family and friends for her
1248. Hilary, Holly, Annie and Leanne who all cared so lovingly for my children while we were away
1249. how my camera still works fairly well after it was dropped twice :(
1250. celebrating 18 years of marriage!
1251. how Meg noticed that I wrote this post on Mama's birthday (perhaps she's worshipping Jesus right now with our baby? what a picture!)


jeana said...

Beautiful post, and gorgeous flowers! Looks like you had a fun anniversary with friends from your other post!!

Anna said...

Praise God for the hope that we have in Him! Welcome back. I hope you had a fun time. Happy 18 years!!

nic said...

i love your perspective, so infused with hope. i love that we're His.

ps 1250: what a gift. congratulations, both of you.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

So thankful that we can be confident in seeing our 'unseen' little one's one day.

Christina said...

Hope that conquers all longing--yes may we all cling to that hope. Congrats on your anniversary!