Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh Start

September sighs deeply from heat exhaustion and begins to release her first leaves, and a few of our butterflies. I'm waiting and watching for her to carry away the well-fed birds at my feeders. We sweep those leaves from the deck as autumn sweeps in busy days filled with schoolwork, ballet, piano and clubs. It's the time of year when I wonder how I'm going to fit it all in and yet, it's the time when I settle in with a cup of tea at day's end peacefully satisfied.

A very sleepy group of children pose in the early morning for their school photo and then we head downstairs armed with books and "new year's" resolutions to do our very best. May the Lord bless you in your new beginnings, if you have them. If you are continuing work and there is no fresh start for you, perhaps you might consider beginning a new way of studying God's Word or joining a prayer group? Beginnings always inspire us to greater heights in growth. Happy Fall!


Camille said...

I always feel like September is the *New Year* too! Funny, isn't it? Perhaps it's a homeschool thing? :)

Your children are growing up you see it? I have known you now for about three years and it is happening right before our eyes...cherish these days!!

Much love,

~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Awesome picture!

jeana said...

Have a wonderful year!!