Friday, August 31, 2012

Memories Of Costa Rica

Standing at the Pacific Ocean on the second day.
Volcanic mud-so good for the skin?

Too funny-he turned around and was standing right behind this mannequin. I laughed and he figured out what was so funny and stepped a smidgey forward and I took the photo :)
LOVE my hammock!
What a sweet moment.

Enjoying our pool.
Capturing the sunset on our final evening.
Sharing memories of Costa Rica.


jeana said...

What a fun trip! The photos are beautiful!!

Anna said...

Looks beautiful and fun!! The picture of Nathan is hilarious! Love the hammock shot!

Pure Perseverance said...

Absolutely breath-taking! It looks like you had a blast and a nice, needed renewal of the soul.

I can't read these "ty 28prove you're not a robot" things!

Camille said...

Love the one of the two of you and the sunset...gorgeous! What a blessing you were able to do such a thing! God is Good. :)