Monday, August 20, 2012


All was calm this lovely afternoon on the lake, until...
Always the good sport, Meghan relaxed once again with her jokester Daddy :)

1252. floating on the lake
1253. jokes that I can photograph from afar and stay dry :)
1254. birdwatching and the delightful surprise that there are so many I never noticed before!
1255. how my kids point birds out to me to photograph
1256. how we came home and filled the feeders with greater expectation
1257. how the same little boy from last year was at our campsite again and how he rode his bike over and said with arms wide open, "Hey! Remember me?"
1258. how Molly beamed with pride over the multitude of minnows she caught
1259. how my niece helped us enjoy a relaxing vacation with all her, "Yes, Auntie Heather, my pleasure."
1260. VBS again and the oh so very special times the kids experience at my in-laws little church


Julia said... heart was in mouth....I so wish my daughters had a relationship so full of love (and mischief) with their daddy! :o(

LOL @ #1253!

Heather said...

The next generation can have that, Julia. My daughters are living proof :) Praise God for His mercy to "children's children" of those who fear Him. Ps. 103

Gloria said...

Thank you for the hope, Mrs. Heather :) I so want this for my girls one day :)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh I just love what we can capture with a camera - sweet memories that will make us smile for years and years to come.

Did you know he was going to do that or did you just happen to have the camera ready to go???

Heather said...

Once I'm done swimming, I cozy up on the shore and am camera-ready while I read. This was "happenstance" for me, Heather :)