Sunday, August 5, 2012


We dig, we hunt, we search up and down, inside and out, in forests and in parking lots. We're looking for treasure and it's the thrill of the hunt that leads us back again and again for more. Have you ever gone geocaching? ( Looking for something to do to get the wiggles out? You've never seen your kiddos (or yourself) become such a sleuth until you've broken into this world of hidden containers. When we find one, oh, the joy! Sometimes we can trade an item, sometimes, we simply sign our names to say we've found it! Join the fun!


Anonymous said...

Soooo funny that you just posted this because I actually just heard of this on Friday, but thought it was a Marathon thing! How fun!! My boys would totally love this, so thanks for the website info too:)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Wow. That snake looks like he just ate.

Pure Perseverance said...

My two youngest girls are doing it this semester! I would "wiggle" right on out of my skin if I saw that snake!