Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flying Tandem

It's a little place where he can fly and I can take photos of things that fly. We work in tandem, mostly in silence, and it's tranquil and satisfying for both of us.
We discovered something that we both can do together without having to be doing the exact same thing. There are a few activities we both enjoy but sometimes it's gratifying just to be in each other's presence without a word. Recognizing that we have different interests was obvious, blending our hobbies into oneness was a little tougher. Is there something you and your spouse can do to be together so that you're both enjoying each other side by side? Pray for God to reveal a way in which you can fly tandem.


Camille said...

Very cool! Howie would *love* to join in with your hubby in that wonderful location. Here in BC...places like that are a little more tricky to find. Howie's RC plane is a case your hubby is interested. :)

Love to you my friend!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

hmmmm, blending hobbies. what an interesting thought. Sometimes my hubby will bring a book when I go out into nature to explore. I'm snapping pictures and exploring while he's hanging out on a bench, reading. You've inspired me. I think I'm going to be mindful of looking for ways we can 'fly tandem.'

btw, I would love to email you. Can you email me? (You should be able to respond to this when it pops in your inbox or my email address is on my blog side bar...)

Heather said...

Lol, that's so funny, Camille!
I will let Terry know. We're just heading out now to "fly tandem" :)