Tuesday, October 2, 2012


He calls them callapitters and we don't correct him. It's this adoration of childishness that causes us to get all giddy over hatching eggs in the Spring, to gush over my sister's new kittens, and to raise our own monarch caterpillars. This year, we purchased the whole kit and kaboodle from the Butterfly Conservatory--in order to do it right. It included one handy-dandy pop-up tent, a one gallon pot of milkweed, three chrysalides (kri-SAL-u-deez), and four caterpillars. Waking up in the morning became fun again as we gently placed that tent on the table (while doing schoolwork) to watch the hungry caterpillar show.
After several days of fattening up, a callapitter takes his "J" form, while doing stomach crunches. That means forming that chrysalis is just a mere 12-18 hours away!
Unzipping his skin and oozing out his chrysalis right out of his own body. A miracle.
Beautiful golden dots line the top of each chrysalis and also patterning the bottom (this one is nearly ready to emerge in a day or two so it's difficult to see the gold. It's already beginning to become transparent).
Just a couple more hours for this butterfly that's in an almost perfectly clear chrysalis now.
Just about an hour before breaking free! Astounding!
Just emerged and hanging to dry her wings.
Tagging the wings, determining the gender and recording the information in case a paid Mexican conservatory worker finds our "baby" after migration!
Ready to release.
A kiss goodbye (lol).
Kids praying over each one so they make it to Mexico.
1261. the metamorphosis miracle
1262. how watching these tiny creatures draws us to worship our Creator
1263. Divine networking of God's people that becomes revealed to us later
1264. my husband's unbelievable thoughtfulness in planning my surprise party
1265. how He's using me but teaching me not to jump ahead of myself
1266. how my advice to others always seems to need to be used in my own life shortly after I've doled it out :)
1267. my husband's methodical, prayerful wisdom in every situation
1268. his generous heart
1269. the emotional stability of my mom
1270. her continued healing from the accident
1271. Linda's recent clear of cancer tests! Praise God!
1272. cloudy skies and cool temperatures
1273. growing friends who refuse to stagnate in their faith
1274. continued healing of the son in this amazing family
1275. the veracious reading that's happening around here!
1276. new-found love of math with Daddy
1277. the Duggars are back :)
1278. green-leaved trees with a spot of red, just on the cusp of autumn
1279. Julie's strength and how she chose to not abort her baby despite great pressure
1280. Suzie's strength and trust in the Lord despite great pressure
(These two women are teaching me the real-life walking out of this Scripture: "Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!" Psalm 27:14)


Camille said...

OH Heather!!! How incredible to be able to observe such a miracle with your children!! Such blessings!


Camille said...

I was just realised you linked to me from this post...how sweet of you to do so. And thank you for your friendship and for rejoicing with us! God is Good. All the time. Austin currently is not doing the greatest, but, we know the LORD does all things well. HE has taken us on this journey for HIS glory and for our good. What a blessing to know that our times are in HIS hands! And to know that HE is Sovereign!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! And lovely list. I'm counting, too...

Rhonda Schrock