Sunday, October 28, 2012

The blogosphere just became a little more personal...

We found ourselves among people who are serious about blogging. Of course, we knew that attending a conference for bloggers might illicit some feelings of inadequacy in us, especially, since so many were published authors and business entrepreneurs. But, as Anna and I settled into seminars and cozy couches with those we had only met across our screens, something wonderful happened--the blogosphere just became a little more personal.
 Sally Clarkson from I Take Joy 
We were astounded at how the professionals claimed to be merely self-taught, willing vessels of a God who was blessing their efforts to advance His kingdom. They were so eager to share, without holding back, all of their ideas, shortcomings, dreams and wisdom. We gobbled up every morsel of information, like women after the last piece of chocolate, before our six hour drive back to Canada . And when we were just beginning to feel as though we could never measure up, sidling up to us was another blogger offering the hope that we're each called to our own sphere of influence and that the Lord desires to use only us within that place.
Angela and Courtney from Good Morning Girls
Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales 
Sarah Mae from Sarah Mae.Com 
Me, Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations
Crystal from Money Saving Mom
Carisa from 1+1+1=1
We attended techy workshops that helped us to finally understand, hugged bloggers we'd admired for years, ate delicious food, heard the husband's point of view on their wives' blogging, and laughed ourselves silly in the Smilebooth. What seemed like an interesting and fun getaway turned out to be a weekend where the main theme focused on the intention of all of our efforts in this world of blogging--that those efforts are meaningless if it's for the advancement of our own kingdom. This was especially powerful in the talk by Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales. In great humility, he shared his story of disappointment and revelation as his company collapsed before his eyes. Many others also told of how the Lord allowed a deconstruction of their world before they were ready for Him to rebuild their lives in an even greater way.

Darcy from My 3 Boybarians 
Darren Rowse from Pro Blogger
 Anna and I headed home through long, winding mountains and dense fog last night. And as we drove, we chattered endlessly about so many good and tasty bites we had partaken of. We found ourselves content in knowing that our little blogs are exactly what they are meant to be and that if the Lord desires more of us, we are willing. But, as the fog lifted and settled again and again, depending on which side of the mountain we were on, I felt as though my heart was lifting and settling with excitement, coupled with peace. I discovered in a more tangible way that I am a part of Christ's body, a hand or a foot, or perhaps, even an ear, and that my sisters (and brothers) were doing their part in the blogosphere too. I believe as each hand was shaken this weekend and each shoulder  hugged, we all truly sensed we were part of something special together--not in competition, but in joining together, each with our own gifts, to glorify our amazing God through our blogs.
Marriage Panel with host, Courtney from Women Living Well 
Jessica and Jordan Heights from Muthering Heights
Crystal and Jesse Pain from Money Saving Mom
Tsh and Kyle Oxenreider from Simple Mom
Nester and Chad Smith from The Nester
Logan from Life for Dessert
Anna and I hanging in the Smilebooth

with Traci from Ordinary Inspirations

Canadian bloggers find each other!


Camille said...

Awww....I do hope we can meet someday too my friend. The LORD's timing is perfect! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your time away. What a blessing it sounds like it was!


Karen said...

Ooooh that looks like fun. A nice excuse for a weekend away with a good friend! Glad you had a good time. So no pressure but after all that inspiration, encouragement, hints and tips, I expect you to "step it up a notch" on your blog! LOL . . . totally kidding!!! Keep being you and your blog will continue to rock! :)


Anna said...

I had such an awesome time with you!! Thanks for EVERYTHING especially driving 6 hours in the wee hours of the night (through fog, rain, twists in the road, unexpected toll booths!) You (and your blog) are such an inspiration to me!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I've been wanting to go to this for the last three years... Timing has never been right. I hope you plan on attending in the future because it would be a joy to finally meet you in person!

Thank you for using this sphere to bless me! :)

sgm said...

Well, I am in the car next year! I gave up two possible girlie year is my year right!
So glad you were inspired and can't wait to hear ALL about it!!
So happy you enjoyed it all...

Pure Perseverance said...

Awe-some! Your blog always blesses my heart. That is wonderful that you were able to attend the conference.