Thursday, January 17, 2013


He turned six the other day and some of his favourite people shared in his celebration. They ate pizza, cupcakes, veggies and laughed themselves silly.
On the evening of their birthdays, our kids get to pick a restaurant  so Daddy can join in the fun. We slid into a cozy booth that night and I attempted to take some across-the-table photos of my son. He was donning the fake, statuesque smile he pastes on when I bring out the camera. It's an automatic joy zapper as his genuine smile disappears from his face and he replaces it with this robotic expression. 
Just then,  our server interrupted. She said to Oliver, "Don't you like having your picture taken?"
He replied, "I can never get the smile right. Mommy never thinks it's good. Is it this one? (and he smirks with a dozy look) No. Is it this one? (and he grins big with eyes wide) No. I just can't figure it out." 
We all had a good laugh over that one and I reminded myself that candid is always best with my wee lad.

The pinata came down with a thud and then those kiddos beat that thing till it poured out tiny toys and sugar-free candies (for my nephews, who are on a special diet--smart!)

Grandparents always make it for the actual day of the birthday! Yay!
Happy 6th birthday to our energetic and sensitive boy who brings an abundance of fun and change to our world of so much pink. May you choose the Lord at a young age and stick with Him forever!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


Camille said...

Six already???? How quickly the time has flown by!!! Happy birthday to your little man my friend. He is a cutie pie. :)


jeana said...

Looks like such a special day! I have one with an awkward smile when the camera comes out, mainly because his eyes don't want to stay open.. Ha. I love that his day was filled with such happy memories. Happy Birthday!

Karen said...

So fun! Happy Birthday Oliver!