Sunday, May 12, 2013

Leaf-Blower Laughter

She packs her cheeks with large grapes and resembles a pre-hibernation chipmunk. I've seen her do it with marshmallows too and it's belly-laughing entertainment for my husband's side of the family. Today, she trumped her cheeky tricks and brought the leaf blower she received as a Mother's Day gift and blew us all away... literally :)
Queen-of-all-cheeky-lady, Leanne (you do invent good times around here).
She coached us to also open our eyes for a flappier look but in the end, she was the only one able to accomplish this feat so frightfully.
Oliver couldn't resist the dry-mouthed fun.
 I couldn't stop laughing whilst that tornadic wind nearly knocked the breath out of me. 
 Braden, having a blast!
 Leanne attempted to get Kevin to relax a little more and let the flesh flow, but it only resulted in a wide-cheeked silent opera singer.
 Rob's face was perfectly loose and supple--just right for the task.
Kim raised her hand in surrender after she received a large, gusty blast.
 My husband drove his face into the wind and I'm not sure his bottom lip will ever be able to
sip through a straw again.
Leanne, proudly displaying her tool of joy and cause of all the leaf-blowin' laughter. Happy Mother's Day to my hysterical sister-in-law and dear friend.
To all moms out there who are celebrating the amazing occupation that includes small people (and big), God bless you. And, to the women who love on kiddos who aren't their own, you mean the world to us.


Julia said...

oh my goodness! That is hilarious, Heather LOL !!!

Anna said...

Ok, I want a leaf blower, just to make funny faces and get some great pictures! You guys are hilarious! I loved Braden's face all pressed in! Leanne's was the funniest, though! Looks like you had lots of fun together as a family. Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

Camille said...

Fun post my friend! Happy *belated* Mother's Day to you! :) Love, Camille

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