Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Track and Field

Besides the few years my children attended school, this was our first Track and Field Day. A delicious spring warmth enveloped them for practicing their events. The actual day? A shivering kind of cold where you could see your breath with a chill to the bone that wouldn't leave until the hot shower later at home. Nevertheless, in spite of the misty rain, those kids persevered and worked hard to beat records and each other. My own kiddos participated well for not having learned these events before. A truly inspiring and exciting experience.  
Warm-up Time!
Amazing arm on Caleb!
Molly and Cousin Caleb
 After so many perfect jumps, Oliver was eager to see if a belly flop would get him
closer to the mark.
 Meg and friend, Aiden
Run, Eden, Run!
Triple Jump--so tricky!
Great first attempt
Freezing Molly wears my huge jacket.
 Doing her best.
 The little boys take a break and build a castle together in the long-jump pit. I'd say that's a cooperative event!
 Oliver and buddy, Matthias
Caleb in High Jump
 Ball throw for Emily. She kept asking when her next race was taking place.
Four races later, she was happy and exhausted.
 After the 100m race, the little boys felt "jipped" out of all those big kid races
so they organized their own :)
 And then finished off with some wrestling to the ground kind of fun.
 Brooke, now in grade nine, couldn't participate. She kept the young ones busy--her favourite pasttime anyway :)
 Molly in ball throw.

Run, Emily, Run (ponytails, green hoodie). Auntie Hilary cheers at the finish line. 
 Shot Put
 Huge gunts help!
Crazy Meg and Cousin Brooke 
Mama came to see her grandchildren perform.
Oliver received a first in Ball Throw and then exclaimed to me, "It's not even my favourite!" He went on to get some other ribbons as well. Emily received a third and fourth and fifth (so great that this homeschool group hands ribbons all the way to the 6th place!) Molly participated in every event even though she told me prior to the practice that she'd rather stay home and play the piano :) Meghan is in physio therapy for her hip and with it being ballet competition season, she opted out of a few events. A wonderful day, had by all... and new friends to boot!


Katie said...

My old neighbourhood!! If we weren't so far away I could've brought my wee ones to watch. Looks like it was a great day! We miss you all bunches!! xo

Heather said...

Sorry, Ellen, I don't have your email. Please comment here with it and I won't publish it. What are the boys names again?

Heather said...

BTW, Ellen, how are you??!! Long time, no see!

jeana said...

What a fun day! I'd probably freeze haha. Great job to your kids!!