Monday, December 16, 2013

Saying, "Yes"

I could hear him running from sister to sister begging them to go outside and play with him. I looked up from my reading as he approached me with sad eyes. He whined about their negative and busy responses and then it suddenly dawned on him that he was conversing with as good a playmate as any right before him. His face lit up, "Mommy, will you come outside and play with me?"
I was taken aback for a moment. I was all cozied up in my "comfies" with no desire to wrangle on all kinds of outerwear for the cold, or trudge through knee-deep drifts in the backyard. But his brown eyes blink-blinked at me and I laid down my reading and said, yes.
Best choice I made that day :)
1471. saying yes to playing with my son
1472. Oma's beautiful life example (she'll be heading homeward soon--please pray for her comfort)
1473. a fun and fast-paced Christmas presentation by our kids' choir again
1474. we finally found a new lead pastor!
1475. sudden healing of a woman our Bible Study ladies have been praying for!
1476. my lovely single-mom cousin and her constant search for helping those in need
1477. an amazing visit with a dear, long-lost friend and her little girl (so thankful she's back in my life)
1478. for ballet stretches all over the living room each day
1479. for hip-hop thumping and jarring practice that makes us laugh
1480. my husband's eagerness to fix things up around the house lately
1481. heaps and heaps of beautiful snow
1482. how the birds wait on the branches just above the feeder for me to fill it in the morning
1483. counting snow plows as we drive
1484. telling the tale of each ornament as we hang them on the tree once again
1485. for my sister's 18th anniversary today!


Anna said...

How can you resist him??!!!

Heather said...

exactly :)