Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Of My Favourite Things This Christmas

From family gathering to family gathering, from ice storm to a beautiful white Christmas, I have experienced gifts of immeasurable value this year. Although this month felt rushed, busy, obligatory and less accomplished than I'd hoped, I have clear hindsight through Holy Spirit vision and it's all good. What is that exactly? It's when you are able to read between the lines that grace and mercy have played a huge role in your daily living and you didn't even notice it until you stopped long enough to pay attention. I muddled things up and lived in a flurry, when what I needed was to be still and know that Jesus is God. Thankfully, His grace covers my seemingly important urgencies. At the manger, I can lay it all down and whisper that I'm sorry I've left Him out of so much lately. But, it seems as though He whispers back, "You're here now, My child."
Oh, how I always want to be right there.
(a long scroll of photos that are my favourites from the past few days...)
Baby Lover (she comes by it honestly)
newly-discovered talents
being silly while opening sibling gifts
Santa, with ice-covered trees in background
Meg was beyond excited to give her gifts to her siblings. They loved them :)
Love how most of their gifts come straight from their own bedrooms :)
We miss Great-Mama who knit all of our stockings.
Papa pic taken by Oliver
where we all get our photo-love
my packed living room--love it!
Valerie and Ashanti spent the night with us again this year.
Mama made these amazing hats!
Auntie Heather and Ashanti
Love this kid.
Special visit from my dear friend, Tara (who lives far, far away)
Leaning on each other and the Lord as they walk through cancer together.
the "big boys"
enjoying a new pillow
Always much hilarity when someone gets Kevin's gift!
Kevin looks a little guilty.
The gag gift (the white Value Village vest) and the real gift by Justin.
 We all laughed till we cried over this one!
sweet girls
nutso girls
showing Grandma and Grandpa their photos in Elf Yourself
a little shuffleboard
three sisters
Oliver watching Sadie open her gift from him. Love his face here (and hers).
the "big girls"
massage time--Meg seems to be really loving it :)
Every time I lift the camera, Kevin makes this face.
 Lego help from Jenna

annual p.j. pic.
oliver refused to wear his because they were too big and
 he thought they looked like girl ones, lol!
keeping warm
reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by the fire
power outage!
icy beauty

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Camille said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. How wonderful to have those precious memories to treasure up in your heart. You've captured it all wonderfully well with your photos as always. Many blessings to you! Love, Camille