Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gratitude In The Search

When you're in another geographical zone, you don't have to look very far to see the extraordinary. At every turn there's beauty, wonder and much scope for the imagination. I photographed my children's curiosity and also, my own spectacular sights but now that we're home, I'm in search of that which would make a Floridian stand in awe over our sweet spot in Canada. After much loving of God's creation in that warm, tropical place we pulled into our snow-laden, icy driveway. His handiwork is here too and for that, I'm grateful, but for now, a journey through vacation nature photos :)
1563. how they searched for salamanders after every swim
1564. spotting the alligator that lives at our vacation place
1565. spotting birds we don't have at home
1566. how they worked together to find tiny creatures
1567. some birds similar to home but they're singing here (come, Spring, come!)
1568. how I can get really close to some of them
1569. how the Great Blue Heron is predictably at our pond
1570. how Terry spotted the turtle (my favourite)
1571. warm sunset on a mockingbird
1572. spotting a shrike, which I've never seen, only heard about
1573. how a female can be more beautiful than the male bird
1574. spotting this guy over and over (not as frequent at home)
1575. evening light on my search team
1576. how she almost had him in her hand :)
1577. evening light behind a heron's wings
1578. how this anhinga nestled into the flowers
1579. palm warbler's sweet sounds
1580. how I have to go back and look up some of these ducks
1581. how these little ones scuttle along the beach


Camille said...

Ooooohhhh....#1563...TOO crazy!! Your photos are all gorgeous my friend. SO happy for you that you are able to go south each winter. God is truly so good to us, isn't He? Hugs, Camille

Camille said...

Woops...did I say #1563?? I meant #1564!!! :)

Anna said...

Great sightings of God's beautiful creation! I LOVE the one of the light behind the heron's wings.