Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Mine To Rescue

I always loved the story of the little girl on the beach who tossed stranded sea stars back into the ocean. A passerby asked her why she took the time to do such a thing when there were so many of them that she couldn't possibly make a difference. Without hesitation, she picked up another struggling creature and threw it into the sea and replied,
"It made a difference to that one!"
Last week on our vacation, we encountered countless sea stars lying all over the beach where we were staying. We surveyed our surroundings to see if the rising tide would eventually pull them back into the ocean and it didn't appear that it would. Apparently, that area was known for beached sea stars. Our family got busy rescuing one after the other and tossing them as far as we could back into their home. When we realized we could not rescue them all, Molly ran along the beach drawing hearts around them in the sand as a symbol that at least we cared. It was sad and beautiful at the same time.
As we strolled barefoot over the grainy path to our hotel, I thought about the women I've met over the years whose hearts have been abandoned and broken. Many had felt they had reached the end of their ropes and my soul ached with theirs. I have cried out to God again and again for answers to help, comfort and share His peace with them and most often, He's moved in miraculous ways. However, sometimes, He's whispered that a particular one is not mine to rescue. And so, I draw a heart around her with a hug and prayer. I remind myself that even though I can't heal her, He never lets her go. Her healing will come as she seeks Him on her knees and possibly, through someone else. I'm so thankful for the body of Christ that works together to toss lovely, broken people back to the feet of the Great Physician.


1555. for the best vacation yet!

1556. how He loves us enough to rescue us when no one else is able

1557. how we saw copious amounts of sea stars

1558. how we watched dolphins every morning frolicking in the waves

1559. the way we always become just a little closer when we're forced to be in a tiny space for a long period of time together

1560. for white powdery sand that's cool to the touch

1561. how she found the first palm tree (our yearly contest as we drive) and later showed us she had written a reminder on her hand :)
1562. for His protection and provision as we drove the 24 hour trip! 


Camille said...

What a LONG drive! What a blessing to be able to go! Welcome HOME! XO

stuckinindiana said...

LOVE THIS!!! I'm a beach girl... from way back! Once a beach girl... always a beach girl. Love the analogy about being carried back to the sea :) Many blessings upon the ministry you have -- may it be to a few or the thousands. Still it's of immense value in God's eyes :)

Anna said...

Beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time!

jeana said...

LOVE this! We just booked a week at Myrtle Beach, which is a 24 hour drive for us as well. Good to know we're not the only people crazy enough to make that drive with all the kiddos! ;)