Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jumping For Joy

We sat encircling the deck at my sister-in-law's on Easter Sunday. Screams of delight pierced the balmy air as pent-up winter energy exploded in the yard. Our celebration was two-fold, the Resurrection of the One with Whom we'll spend eternity, and the birthdays of two in the family. Since candy consumption is almost a past-time for my sister-in-law, she prepared a feast of treats for all of us to share. Needless to say, many more of us were jumping for joy when the rush of all that sweetness hit our veins. 
I studied the faces around the circle that day and was grateful for each member who contributes to our family bond in their own special way. Since then, we have received positive news concerning my husband's two sisters who suffer with cancer... more joy. And with spring tempting us to believe it's really coming, we lift our heads toward the sun and our hearts toward the Son in thankfulness.

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