Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They're Back And So Are We!

When the wind blows balmy through my hair as I fill the feeders from the porch, I know it's time to go. I call to the kids to throw scooters, helmets, a bag of bird seed, and water bottles in the truck. They cheer and know exactly what that means--the birds are back and it's time to head to woods, trails and marshes to hunt for our favourite little creatures who are returning from the south.
They flutter from branch to branch above me and I photograph them as the kids ride round and round, checking periodically to see what I've spotted and to point out their own finds. We come nearly every day until the leaves grow thick and birds are harder to view. It's an invigorating spring tradition and we're so glad they're back.


Jo Brent said...

And I am so glad you are back....I was missing your posts.
Beautiful photos.

Camille said...

Ah...spring!! Nothing quite like it, is there? Hugs to you! Happy Mother's Day. Love, Camille