Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Perfection

Mother's Day brunch with my mom and sisters and their kids, sitting outdoors with my mom-in-law and family, standing quietly in the woods, my children dirt biking past me as I photograph birds, my husband flying his mini-plane nearby... it's spring perfection and I'm bubbling with gratitude. (1593-1598)
1599. texting Annie in Pt. Pelee to find out which birds she's spotted
1600. her son getting his 100 birds pin for finding 100 different species of birds there
1601. these spring days with few leaves so birds are easier to capture by camera
1602. getting schoolwork done quickly so we can go to the woods every single day!
1603. meeting new homeschoolers on the hiking trail
1604. how my mom-in-law called me just to say she got her first hummingbird to her feeder
1605. how I then put mine out and got one right away too! (I'm convinced they watch us!)
1606. Meg's fantastic awards, including special judge's awards in her dance competitions
1607. camaraderie of dance moms from years of driving and watching :)
1608. how Terry raced to see them and made it just minutes before she came on stage
1609. how Oliver cried his eyes out when he had to leave his caterpillar in the woods
1610. how his two sisters comforted him
1611. for mangoes


Anna said...

Couldn't you just let Oliver take the caterpillar home??!! Great pictures and a beautiful list of thanks!

Heather said...

Well, after five frogs went missing in the van and a mysterious smell ensued... there will be a lot less creatures coming home with us :)