Thursday, May 15, 2014

Breathing In His Grace

She plunked out the chords and her sisters gathered around. They chimed in, "Every step we'll be breathing in Your grace. Evermore we'll be breathing out Your praise..." I watch from the kitchen doorway and smile. How quickly they grew from toddling, chubby, little ones to worshipful, unified, lovely ones. Oh, the blessing!
Found this amazing wall. Unplanned rainbow shirts? Even more amazing :)
A discouraged friend visited the other day and needed encouragement to trudge onward in her homeschooling journey. She witnessed one reason after another in our crazy, untidy, noisy home, that there was peace underlying it all and that her own wee ones truly were benefiting from her sacrificial choice. My girls sat down at the piano in the living room and that momma paused in drinking her tea and chuckled, "Cue the worship music!"  We had a good laugh as it seemed that the family singing was a plan to be the icing on top of our convincing argument. Of course, she noticed the less than beautiful moments too. But although we are so far from perfect, we are grateful for the freedom to home educate. Breathing in His grace.
 Cousin Clara's first birthday!
Hanging with cousins after swimming lessons.
First riding lessons on her own.
My favourite benefit of homeschooling? Tossing the books as soon as the rain clears and heading for the woods--where we get drenched anyway. We return home, dry off and cozy up for a read-aloud and a snack. Unforgettable memories. Breathing out His praise.


Camille said...

Beautiful. All of it! Love you! XO

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

YES!!!! Breathing in his grace and breathing out his praise as we traverse this crazy life He's called us to travel.

So thankful for the opportunity to do so as a family...