Sunday, December 28, 2014

In-law Love

My cup runneth over with laughter when I'm with my in-laws. We just like to be together and all six siblings, five spouses, Mom and Dad and twenty grandchildren (with boyfriends and a fiancé), make a whole lot of noise at a family gathering. But when we spend a weekend together, it's just a rip-roaring good time!
Ed and Kim's 25th wedding anniversary (their kids)
Dad gets a little carried away :)
Sooo thankful Kim is in remission. Praise God!
Ed and Kim's family  
weekend at a resort and boat tour with Mom and Dad for their 50th anniversary (and Dad's birthday)
although, it was cool and wet, some of us still ventured up to the fly bridge of their boat
Kevin, the linesman

the local variety store hats--cheap fun


Terry's crazy jumps are always entertaining

yes, these guys sneaked into the hot tub at the next hotel since we didn't have one

chatting and enjoying the sun on the porch
the whole fam-jam  
laughing hysterically over the birthday gifts
There were so many fantastic memories from this weekend, such as, Linda being well-enough to join us, treats and great conversations at night, eating together, the guys using the hot tub in the adjacent hotel, and the wrestling match between siblings to throw each other into the lake. But the best moment was when Rob, Kevin and Mike sat down at the lengthened restaurant breakfast table each wearing the dress-shirts we were giving Dad as gifts for his birthday. He finally noticed there were tags hanging out on the fronts of these guys and pointed it out in bewilderment. We burst out laughing and he finally figured it out. They stood and unbuttoned and handed the shirts over right there. Beats wrapping :)  

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Anna said...

Beautiful family and beautiful memories! You guys are so crazy!!