Sunday, January 4, 2015


This eight year-old boy is not unlike other little guys out there in that he is full of spunk and sport. However, this kid of ours is the one I held in my belly and prayed for while he squirmed inside. He does not pass by the armchair in the living room without jumping from the back of it into a handstand. And, he does not slip into bed at night without a kiss to his mommy. He won't relent on a good argument with his sisters, when he feels justified, but give him the opportunity and he will cheerfully cook them eggs for breakfast. He wants recess more than spelling, but craves art above all subjects. This boy can erect any Lego set and carries around his bucket of tools, begging me to find him things to fix. He has many friends and approaches kids on the fringe and asks if they want to play.
This sensitive, energetic boy is mine and he is a gift for all my birthdays and Christmases. His eight-ness will be greatness as he learns and grows this year. The Lord knew exactly what we needed when He gave us Oliver.
braving the -8 degrees Celsius weather at his birthday party!
double cousin hug
 hockey party 
another year under his belt!
Happy Birthday, our creative, lovable boy. May God grow you to be a mighty warrior for Him. May you always respond to His voice as He speaks to you.


Jo Brent said...

Happy birthday Mr. Oliver,
We love;
your creativity,
your humour,
your openness,
And the way you made us feel loved and included from the first day we met you.
We look forward to many more hours of knowing and playing with you.
Love Molly and Jo

Camille said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your Oliver. What a sweetie he looks to be. Hugs, Camille