Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Guy Named Proverbs

I step into the living room and double-take the sight before me on the couch. My boy is snuggled up into the arm of the big, fuzzy sofa and reading his Bible. He's turned a corner and is now enjoying it and understanding most of what he reads... did I say, most?  :)

I ask him what he's reading and he tells me he's been trying to do a little Proverbs each day. Then he asks if I want to hear about it. Of course I do. My boy shifts in his spot and prepares to share.

"Well, there's this woman, who never stays at home...
(Uh-oh, I think, recognizing the chapter. Where is this one going?)
and she stands out on the street corner. This guy named Proverbs comes along and she kisses him.
(He smiles.)
She takes him to her house and then he gets shot by an arrow! Mommy, do you think the guy died?" He's quite serious now and blinks at me for an answer.

"Well," I'm scrambling to simplify and protect at the same time, "I think if Mr. Proverbs stays far away from Woman-Who-Never-Stays-At-Home, the arrow's wound will heal and he will be okay." My son is perplexed and so I explain a little more. "This woman is not a godly person. She is trying to tempt all the husbands away from their families so she can have them instead. The arrow means he's in trouble if he doesn't run away from her like Joseph with Potiphar's wife. Do you think he should get out of there? Or better yet, never have talked to her in the first place?" He's understanding now and nodding. I'm giggling inside and grateful for this stage of my boy's reading comprehension and spiritual development. So precious.

The Bible contains some adult themes and thankfully, my kids either don't catch on to them at first, or they ask questions. As difficult as the subject-matter may be, we desire they see these scenarios played out through God's mercy and purpose, His healing and redemption. They hear about or see everyday the persecuted church, war, abortion, deception, injustice, adultery, etc. in this present world. The Bible is a guidebook for how we are to interact with the world and how to stand for righteousness. With a visual Biblical timeline on our wall from Adam and Eve to when we are born and placed in history, my children have a good view of the cyclical disobedience and repentance of the Israelites and then Christians, over time. Their questions about life are best answered by looking at that timeline. What happens if we fall away from God's plan? What happens when we return to Him wholeheartedly? Memorizing God's Word also helps them have a quick go-to in a sticky situation.

What about your family? Do you shelter your kids from the tough subjects in the Bible? Do you find creative ways to use it to explain the evil in the world? I'd like to know your ideas!


Camille said...

Sweet story, my friend. Your children are all growing UP!!! I agree with you that we must face these things head on with our children. And, it is wonderful to see how the Lord has wired them for the right information at the appropriate times. When ours were younger we answered everything they asked while asking wisdom from the Lord in the process. Very often, simple (but, truthful) answers sufficed. As they have grown, the topics have definitely gotten more deep and challenging. But, again, the Lord gives wisdom and help when we ask for it. SO wonderful!! You are so right...the Bible gives the reason for the need for redemption. People (all of us) need the Lord! There are so many resources available...we have benefited from Answers in Genesis materials, a doctrine booklet called "Bible Doctrines Simply Explained" and "Little Pilgrim's Progress". All these (and more) have been so useful in teaching our children. How good the Lord is to us! (So sorry for the long got me going with your question.) XOXO

Sarah Guevarra said...

Oh I love this! I also agree with facing things head on, and learning to pray for our kids to be dangerous for the Kingdom instead of always shielding them from the hard stuff - they are facing things these last days we've never had to and if there is one thing this world needs more of, it's Christians who are fearless IN Christ and through Christ! May we raise a generation who the enemy is afraid to encounter!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Thanks, Camille and Sarah :)