Monday, October 12, 2015

Thankful, And A Little Silly

Get this many people together and it's difficult to take a great family photo... a formal one, that is.
However, give them opportunity to be silly--then it's no holds barred and a whole lot easier :)

We are so thankful for countless things, but we are learning to number our gratitude in order to truly show the Lord we notice His blessings, and we don't take His care for granted.


1967. Gratitude's effect on our hearts and minds
1968. in an instant, every one's silly personalities revealed (except Uncle Aaron, who is fun-loving but not so silly... oh, and maybe Papa :)
1969. dinner 'round my mom's table, all squished in a tiny space, sometimes non-family and others invited, spilling with love
1970. great conversation with sisters and brothers-in-law
1971. our nephew and his wife moving across the street!
1972. helping each other through the absence of Linda
1973. cousin connections across the street--every-day
1974. my sister, Holly's Facebook blogging that everyone laughs over daily
1975. and my sister, Hilary's FB photography page (Hilary Thompson Photography)
1976. unseasonably warm fall weather

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