Sunday, December 27, 2015


Smidgies are my favourite. Big or little, I love kiddos and my life is full of them. Am I always the patient and ever-lovable momma? Nope. Man, has God got me learning life-altering lessons with small people. But, I do adore them. I've been called a "baby-licker". I think that's a compliment? :)
Here are a few of my smile-inducing photos that didn't quite make it on the blog yet. I don't know how I missed them because they're so very precious.

1977. standing back and watching them care for her
1978. these two and their shenanigans
1979. celebrating Ameen's first birthday!
1980. Parker is not far behind!
1981. my two Shifra girls
1982. swimming with the MacLarens
1983. when they just know what to do when she cries
1984. for how many times I actually get to type that big kids help little kids regularly
1985. jumps of all sorts
1986. that he was a baby just yesterday and is now leaping into a pool with no life-jacket--hardest to imagine with this sweet boy
1987. how she came along after those twin boys and made our world an even better place
1988. how Leanne and I birthed all these babies that look like a crowd of people! Oh yeah, they are!
1989. our built-in life-guard :)
1990. it bears repeating--biggers helping littles
1991. end of the walk exhaustion and the upcoming nap

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Camille said...

So precious. All of it. And, you are nearing 2000!!!! XOXO