Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snow Friend

I cheered and the kids boo'd each morning when the landscape remained green over Christmas, but it wasn't until the little one squealed with joy the night the snow came, that I was truly thankful. Ashanti screamed and ran from room to room announcing the arrival of the white present she'd been obviously gifted by God. She finally settled and stared out the front door sidelights and just talked to the falling flakes like she had been waiting for a long-lost friend,
"Are you coming Snow?" 
And then she answered back for her playmate, "Yes, here I am." 
And then her grateful assertion, "You're here, Snow!"
Her playmate didn't stay long, but enough to need a little scooping up by morning. We were pleasantly surprised when Uncle Kevin was the one to come to remove the snow. He's usually behind a desk. I had to photograph him as a memory :) All the kids waved with the event of it all, and I gained a tiny bit more love for the cold stuff Ashanti calls her friend.

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